All That You Need To Know About Winter Tyres

Most of the cars that we have in Australia are fitted with summer tyres or some with all season tyres. Winter tyres are specifically designed to remain supple in colder temperature and provide ease while driving in snow. Compared to conventional summer tyres, winter tyres have rubber compounds and a highly grooved sculpture that provides optimal performance in cold conditions. Tyres For Sale Liverpool is a pioneer in Liverpool, Sydney in providing high quality winter tyres to its clients at reasonable prices.

Much more than “just for snow”

Winter tyres are much more than snow tyres. They are good at gripping in cold, damp conditions below 7 degrees. They deliver optimal performance when going uphill, downhill, while braking, accelerating or cornering. The key to their strong grip is the sipes that provide edges to grip the road as the tyre rotates. The larger quantities of silica and rubber help them become more flexible in the cold.

A summer tyre will become harder in temperatures below 7 degrees, which makes them less effective. Bridgestone, Pirelli, Dunlop and Goodyear are some of the leading manufacturing brands of winter tyres that you can purchase from Tyres Sale in Liverpool.

Buying winter tyres is not mandatory in our country, however; it is be a prudent investment keeping in mind the bad weather and the possibilities of a non-functioning vehicle. It is always a good idea to buy your tyres early in the season before the bad weather arrives. Waiting until the roads are frozen and the car is under a snow drift will mean that you are unlikely to be able to fit them. As there is a limited supply of winter tyres, the early purchase would save you from the tyres being short in supply. You can buy high quality winter tyres at Cheap Tyres Prices Liverpool from us.

Properly storing your winter tyres
Storing your winter tyres in summers is integral to avoid any damage to them that would have a negative impact on their performance. Tyres should be stored in a cool place away from sunlight and any sources of heat. Exposure to heat over prolonged periods can exhaust the tyre’s oxidation and may result in cracking.

Your garage or basement is the ideal place to store them. It is important to ensure that the surface is clean and free from grease or fuel as this could deteriorate the rubber of the tyres. The best long term solution would be to store them vertically on a rack or to buy special bags to protect them.

Preparing your vehicle for winter is more important than checking that your lights, battery and wipers are working correctly. Winter tyres would ensure you a safe drive and reduces the risk of a road accident.

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