If you are in Liverpool, Sydney and are after some excellent Tyres that are not only high quality but also offer peak performance then your search ends with us. Liverpool Tyres is a proud manufacturer of high quality Tyres and related automobile parts.

Our huge store/warehouse is home to an expansive range of products all neatly stocked and categorised for ease of access. We have a team of qualified professionals who are happy to provide you with any help or advice you might require as you enter the world of Tyres.

Tyres for Sale Liverpool stock a huge range of some of the world’s most popular Tyre brands and one of this is Bridgestone. Bridgestone is one of the largest and highly reputed brands we have in our store. This company aims to create products that are not only game changing but also meet the demands of driving on different conditions and surfaces. They use a combination of modern technology and proven methods to craft products that are not only high-quality but also deliver brilliant results.

Some of our tyre stock include but are not limited to:

  • Potenza Performance: these Tyres are better suited for high performance cars and specifically race cars. It is made to deliver enhanced handling, better responsiveness and offers better control for drivers in high speed situations.
  • Drive Guard Run-Flat: these were first made in 2014 and have a feature which gives them longer mobility in the case of damage or puncture by a sharp object. This also provides the riders with high quality wear.
  • Ecopia Fuel-Efficient Passenger: these Tyres display excellent performance and come with a lot of advanced features like low rolling resistance which provides excellent traction and a smooth driving experience when used in trucks.
  • Blizzak Winter Tyres: these are crafted using advanced rubber mix and has a tread design that greatly reduces the challenge of driving in snow and ice. They deliver excellent traction in dangerous surfaces.

A few of the other models include Turanza touring and Dueler light truck.

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Tyres are one of the most important safety aspects of any vehicle. It is important that you choose the right Tyre Services to ensure you have a safe driving experience and not put other passengers and drivers at risk.

Tyres for Sale

Not all Tyres suit all vehicles. They are all designed with different features and to suit a myriad of conditions. Take these into account the next time you choose your new Tyre:

  • Climate
  • Driving conditions ( snow/ice/muddy areas)
  • Performance requirements (race car/ everyday driving/truck)

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