Liverpool Tyres in Sydney’s south western suburbs has a huge stock of high quality Tyres, wheels and other components. It has an excellent reputation for its prompt and professional service combined with superb quality produces and friendly staff.

Tyres Sale Liverpool has a massive stock of popular Tyre Brands all ordered meticulously by the following characteristics:

  • Tread wear type
  • Car make
  • Car model
  • Tyre brand
  • Type of Tyre

When this method of categorisation is followed, it is easy for the staff at our store/warehouse to pick the right product for our different customers.

One of our most popular Tyre Brands when it comes to showcasing peak performance is Hankook.

This is a brand that dates all the way back to 1941 and was first established in South Korea. The company has quickly become of the fastest growing Tyre fabricators in the world.

Some popular models of Hankook we stock include:

  • Optimo H724: This product is suitable for everyday use but is priced a little more than economy Tyres from other brands. It is suitable for minivans, cars and even small pick-ups.
  • Mileage plus II (725): This Tyre is suitable for a range of medium sized vehicles like vans, cars and pick-ups. It is reasonably priced and offers a satisfactory performance. These Tyres have good wear and make no noise whilst being used. They are also perfect to use during wet and rainy weather.
  • Optimo H727: This a high quality car Tyre which performs smoothly. They can be distinguished from the others in the range by their wider Tyre tread. This feature gives the vehicles a great look. These Tyres are great during rainy and extreme weather conditions.
  • Ventus V2 Concept H437: This model is quite new to the Hankook family but just like the others, this product offers its users high performance driving and is moderately priced. It is perfect for all season use. Compared to the other brands however, it does not perform as well.
  • Ventus V12 Evo: This range is better to high-performance luxury cars. These Tyres are often a favourite because of their competitive price range and high quality finish. You get the best of both worlds- smooth rides with excellent performance. The tread design is of a solid type which ensures the Tyre does not grip too tightly into uneven surfaces which often wears out most Tyres. This one is great for rainy and wet conditions as it has been designed with maximum water-dispersion.
  • Ventus AS RH07: One of the better priced Tyre range among the lot. This is manufactured specifically to fit a wide range of small pickups or SUV type vehicles. The range does not come in many sizes but the ones that are available have a great variety in them. Drivers are guaranteed a smooth riding experienced during tricky conditions like rain and snow just like the other models above.

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