Liverpool Tyres is a reputed store in Liverpool, Sydney which sells high quality Tyres and other accessories. All our products are of the highest quality and are ethically sourced. They are also affordably priced so you get excellent quality products without the steep price tag.

Liverpool Tyre Sale offers a comprehensive list of automobile services including:

  • Tyres for Sale: Liverpool Tyre Sale is your ultimate place to purchase the best quality Tyres for Sale. We sell Tyres that are perfect for Sedans, Utes, 4x4s, Light Trucks, Vans, Commercial Vans and Luxurious Cars. We offer affordable Tyres Prices and Special Packages for all our Wholesale Tyres.
  • Tyre Prices: At Liverpool Tyre Sale, you will find the Tyre Prices at Wholesale Market price, ensuring all our customers in Liverpool a comfortable Tyre shopping form us. You can now buy any Tyre Brands at reasonable rates. We are also offering Special Packages to all our clients in Liverpool.
  • Tyre Fitting: At Liverpool Tyres, we have experienced fitters and professional staff who know Tyres inside out. We do a comprehensive measuring of the vehicle that needs to have Tyres fitted and accurately go about the fitting process. We take into account details like the width, profile and wheel size to ensure your vehicle gets the perfect fit.
  • Wheel Alignment: Wheel alignment is crucial to the smooth working of a vehicle. If the wheels are incorrectly aligned, you will find your car or jeep pulls to one side more often and often veers away from the path you are supposed to be on. A check-up could help fix this and a professional could ensure the wheels are aligned properly.
  • Vehicle Servicing: In order to ensure the smooth running of your car, van or truck you must schedule regular servicing. A basic service covers the following:
    • Brake check-up and adjustment ( if needed)
    • Oil change to give your engine a chance to function at peak performance.
    • Tyre checked for holes or punctures
    • Wheels checked for bumps and alignment.
    • Water levels checked.
    • Steering/suspension checked for any inconsistencies
    • A full report of the functions of the car will be given at the end of the service.
  • Brakes (check-up, repairs or replacement): Brakes make up a crucial component of a vehicle’s system and need to be checked on a regular basis to identify any issues which might cause problems when you drive. A faulty brake can be a risk not only to you but also to your passengers and other drivers.
  • Tyres Recycling: An average car Tyre can contain a lot of harmful components and when the lifespan of a particular Tyre comes to an end, it must be disposed of carefully to avoid polluting the environment. If Tyres are not disposed of properly, they can cause toxic gases and fumes to release into the atmosphere causing life-threatening diseases. Old Tyres can be extremely valuable when disposed of correctly.
  • Wheel Balancing: a well-balanced wheel will ensure your car works properly however if that’s not the case and the weight of the wheels are not evenly distributed, you could find your car jerking and feel vibrations through the steering wheel signalling that there is a problem.
  • Tyre Repair/Restoration: Sometimes Tyres get damaged by punctures or nail holes and this can be easily repaired by the expert staff at our store. However there are times when the damage is too severe and the only solution is to completely replace the Tyre and install a new one. When you have a regular service schedule, we are more likely to catch any defaults or damage early on and act accordingly.
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