Liverpool Tyres has a massive stock of Silverstone Tyres. Among the Tyre Brands we stock, Silverstone is a top favourite and rightly so. It is a superb brand that is built for performance.

First established in 1988, Silverstone has grown exponentially as a premium Tyre brand and is now available in over 60 countries around the world.

Guaranteed High Performance

Tyres Sale in Liverpool provide high quality Silverstone Tyres for Sale.

Variety of stock

Silverstone produces high quality Tyres.

  • Summer Tyres: this is one of the three different types of the Silverstone Tyres. The characteristics of these include
    • Being able to perform well at temperatures over 7 ° c
    • Made of a special kind of rubber mix that results in a short breaking distance and a stronger grip on the surface.
    • Great choice for summer when the temperatures get exceedingly hot.
  • Winter Tyres: These Tyres are specially designed to brave the cold front. Their key characteristics include:
    • Are flexible in extremely cold weather ( temperatures less than -7 °c)
    • Made from a special rubber mix that gives the tyre a good grip and prevents skidding/sliding when the road is wet from rain, hail or snow.
    • The rubber mix in the Tyres also ensure peak braking performance.
  • Tyres for 4x4 vehicles: These Tyres from the Silverstone brand are specifically designed for the thrill seeker and those who prefer adventurous rides across rough terrains. These Tyres are extremely durable and can drive smoothly across muddy roads, sand dunes, snowy regions, rocky roads and even asphalt. If you are planning your next adventure, make sure you opt for this heavy-duty Tyres so you can enjoy your trip whilst being safe.

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